Simple, patient-completed forms!

forms4health provides a convenient and elegant way for patients to complete a wide variety of health forms. Furthermore health organisations using this service benefit from electronic receipt of the completed forms suitable for clinicians (PDF) or incorporation into the patients clinical record (XML) full features...

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1 Book

A healthcare administrator books the assessment (or similar electronic form) via the service, providing unique booking references for each patient. The references are known only to the healthcare organisation creating the booking. The administrator also provides a return email address and selects the delivery format for the completed forms.

2 Letter

A letter is posted out to the patient including their unique booking reference. The patient letter typically also contains alternative options for completing the assessment/form such as telephone or face-to-face consultation.

3 Form

For those patients willing and able they navigate to the online service, enter their unique booking reference and complete the appropriate form. The form provides validation and a dynamic / hierarchical set of questions based on previous answers to make it as simple as possible to complete the form.

4 Email

When the patient submits the form the service converts the assessment/form in the booking organisation's preferred format and delivers it via email to the email address entered during the booking.

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